UAVs and Robotics

UAV technology brings revolutionary solutions to every-day industry processes, problems, and challenges. These include industries like mining, energy, utilities, oil & gas, agriculture, engineering and construction, forestry, surveying, infrastructure inspection, entertainment, and more.

AG-Tech works directly with leading custom drone R&D and manufacturing companies from around the world to address client specific needs by providing custom tailored solutions to every individual customer and every individual problem. We specialize in providing the best possible fit for our clients and ensure that it ties into, and fully integrates with, existing systems, processes and procedures, further enhancing the workflow and providing maximum utility and output for our clients.

Some drone functions and solutions include:

  • General Project Oversight
  • Construction Management and Oversight
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Haul Roads
  • Stockpile management
  • Drilling & Blast Planning
  • Fire Stacks and Tower Inspection
  • Geo-Technical Modeling
  • Mining Exploration
  • Water Management
  • Oil Pipeline Inspection
  • Offshore Oil Platform Inspection
  • Tailings Pond Inspection
  • Oil Spill and Damage Detection
  • Remote Hydrocarbon Sensing
  • Gas Emissions Monitoring
  • Shore to Platform Package Delivery
  • Equipment Delivery
  • Emergency/Disaster Response
  • Safety and Security, and Perimeter Monitoring
  • Immediate Security Monitoring Response
  • Infrared Scanning
  • Plus, much more…