AG TECH offers supply and the deployment of IT hardware and software to its customers. Cutting-edge solutions for data center design and construction. As well as a wide range of professional and IT outsourcing services.

Supply of IT hardware and software

  • Comprehensive supply of IT equipment from leading global manufacturers for corporations and government bodies.
  • Supply of various components for computing infrastructure and networks.
  • Supply and implementation of software for varying customers’ specific needs.

Data centers, engineering infrastructure and operations control centers

  • Design and construction of data centers and related infrastructure to ensure seamless functioning.
  • Selection of necessary components to meet the customers’ requirements using best world practices.
  • Creation and equipping of operations control centers for effective management of customer processes.

Services and outsourcing

  • Providing a wide range of professional and IT outsourcing services: from hardware and software technical support, support of information and telecommunication systems to outsourcing of IT infrastructure management.
  • Providing of computing power as a service.