Interview with Alexander Podvalov in Fortune magazine and a special report on Kazakhstan by REO Communications agency

AG TECH | Interview with Alexander Podvalov in Fortune magazine as part of a special report on Kazakhstan by REO Communications.

A new issue of the prestigious Fortune publication and a special report on Kazakhstan, prepared by the international news agency REO Communications, have been published, in which an interview with the Founder and CEO of AG TECH Alexander Podvalov has been published.

Alexander Podvalov spoke about the company’s flagship product - the DMMS production management system and about the investment potential of Kazakhstan.

AG TECH | Interview with Alexander Podvalov in Fortune magazine as part of a special report on Kazakhstan by REO Communications.



Alexander Podvalov: "We want to start exporting Kazakh solutions and brands to the international market."

AG Tech’s software solutions are revolutionizing the mining and oil & gas industries in Kazakhstan and beyond. By providing increased efficiency and improved industrial performance, AG Tech is making a significant impact on different sectors.

AG Tech is an IT firm that produces specialized software and hardware that enhance manufacturing operations in different sectors of Kazakhstan. The firm is also engaged in the design, supply, installation, and maintenance of radio navigation and communication equipment. The fully Kazakh-owned company employs a team of 260 people and has several branches in Atyrau, Karaganda, and East Kazakhstan. “We want to become a leading company in Kazakhstan and start exporting Kazakh solutions and brands to the international market,” says Alexander Podvalov, Chief Executive Officer of AG Tech.

The firm’s flagship product, the Digital Monitoring and Management System (DMMS), is improving the operation capacity of Kazakhstan’s mining sector, supporting companies in reducing fuel expenses and production downtime. The system is also used to automate industrial enterprises in the oil and gas industry. “All processes of the oil industry are controlled by the state-owned, KazMunayGas, using our software DMMS,” says Podvalov. “The system includes all production cycles of the oil industry, starting from drilling and refining to transporting oil. It allows us to see the resources and capacity of each region. Our vision for the DMMS is to make it a universal modular ‘Industry 4.0’ solution for any industrial purpose, similar to how fintech super apps have transformed the banking system in the country.” The firm has commenced implementing the system in international markets with plans to export it to the commonwealth of independent states and Western countries. “We have started working with Russian companies such as Polymetal. This year, we successfully completed a project at the Bozymchak mine deposit in the neighboring Kyrgyzstan,” says Podvalov.

As it expands its customer base, the firm partners with reputable companies in the United States. “We have now passed through all the compliance of the Chevron Company. We are making a business plan to attract US$5 million from Chevron and make them a shareholder of AG Tech,” says Podvalov. “We also develop software for the American company PBE, a private radio system company that produces hardware for the mining sector. They have more than 800 mines all over the world.”

AG Tech’s automation solutions are a necessity in supporting Kazakhstan’s industrial economy. As the world’s largest uranium producer and rich in resources such as coal, gold, and manganese, Kazakhstan has a robust industrial sector contributing around 35% to the country’s GDP.

“Kazakhstan has the entire periodic table. The country is a major uranium producer with abundant resources, including rare earth metals like lithium, making it an attractive destination for investors. They can find any deposit on our Kazgeology portal and agree to all conditions provided to develop it. There is also a Kazakh Invest company that prepares many projects, magazines, and documents that are open to investors,” says Podvalov.

AG Tech’s technical expertise includes the production of air traffic control systems through automation solutions that meet international ISO standards. “Our radars and landing systems operate at every airport in Kazakhstan,” says Podvalov.

The firm has diversified its service beyond IT, adapting its solutions to changing market conditions. “In Kazakhstan, we recently built a car center for Claas – a large agricultural machinery producer. This is one of several turnkey solutions we have developed in recent years,” says Podvalov.

Offering an abundance of natural resources, a competitive labor force, and an untapped potential in the automation of the industrial sector, Kazakhstan is an ideal destination for investment. “There are great prospects for entering the Kazakh market and occupying a niche in the production of rare earth materials or nuclear energy,” says Podvalov.

Leveraging its extensive experience in Kazakhstan, AG Tech seeks to partner with investors to digitize various sectors of the country’s economy. Offering customizable solutions in automating industrial processes and features that include a fatigue-monitoring system for equipment operators, AG Tech is enhancing the efficiency and safety of industrial operations

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