Competition for the best idea for a DMMS mascot name

AG TECH | Competition for the best idea for a DMMS mascot name

Friends, we invite you to take part in the competition for the best idea for the name of the mascot of the flagship product of the AG TECH company - the DMMS production management system.

The winner will receive an exclusive gift from our company - a Power Bank with a retro game emulator.

Conditions for participation in the competition:

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  • Subscribe to our YouTube channel
  • Suggest an original idea for a DMMS mascot name and a brief rationale for it in the comments for the AG TECH Podcast episode featuring Omen Design.

We will sum up the results of the competition at the end of January and announce the winner on our social media pages.

The DMMS system is a powerful tool for prompt, safe and effective control, analytics and production management, as well as increasing the productivity of business processes and ensuring transparency in resource management of industrial enterprises. The mission of the DMMS system is to increase the productivity, discipline and safety of workers. The DMMS system was 100% developed by Kazakhstani specialists and fully complies with the Industrial Safety Rules.

Detailed information about the DMMS system and its modules is published on the website

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