Dmitry Martynenko

Dmitry is a multi-skilled specialist in design and advertising with over 16 years of experience. Over the past 7 years, he has gained impressive experience in the field of analytics systems for industrial enterprises. He has been directly involved in the development of interior design for operations control centers and analytics centers.

Currently, Dmitry is a key designer of the DMMS information system and other information products produced by AG TECH.

Before AG TECH, he had worked for five years as the chief designer and project manager at the Institute of Engineering and Information Technology of Kazakh-British Technical University.

Dmitry has been involved in more than a hundred projects of varying complexity, including software interfaces, mobile applications, websites, interiors, facades, printing, brand books and videos. His solid experience in the development of various design software packages allows us to regard Dmitry as a versatile expert in the field of modern commercial design.

Dmitry graduated from the University of Engineering and Technology (West Kazakhstan Region, Uralsk) and was awarded a bachelor's degree with honors in Computer Control Systems and Data Processing.